“Be prepared to be convicted, encouraged, amused, and stretched as the author—a lover of words and The Word—artfully invites consideration of our often unexamined assumptions about life and living.”
Deani Van Pelt, PhD  ‐  President, Edvance Christian Schools Association

A new volume of musings that will prompt you to think more deeply, more clearly and more biblically.

“Still Thinking continues in the same vein as Just Thinking, taking the stuff we say every day and examining it more closely—maybe even from a different angle than you’re used to. Topics covered in volume two include identity, character development, leadership, creativity, hospitality, church life, suffering, social media and sex… You know, the stuff of life!”
Jason Bouwman, and Friends?

And friends? One of the successes of Just Thinking is that it has caused many people to pause and think a little deeper. It has sparked many conversations about faithful living and it has also inspired some to share their musings with others. This new book, Still Thinking, includes contributions from several friends and acquaintances. I’m so grateful for the time and care they’ve taken to share their thoughts with you too.

Just Thinking Book
Jason Bouwman

Jason Bouwman

“I hope this book will bless you in some way. Perhaps you’ll come to see something from a new perspective. And if you do, I hope you’ll be moved to share what you’ve learned with others.”

Jason Bouwman is a perennial creative, endlessly dreaming up new ideas and giving shape to them on white boards, sketchbooks, iPads and napkins if need be. He has an uncanny ability to think and play with ideas, formulate his thoughts and share them in a way that infects all those listening to come along for the ride. His personal philosophy to “live artfully” sits at the heart of Compass Creative - a marketing agency which Jason founded in 2005. He is often found discussing the deeper issues of life around the water cooler.